Name: Mian Waqar Ahmad Khan

Designation: Director

Email: [email protected]

Mobile No: +92 341 5786 847

Organization: Global Friends Consultants

Message From Mian Waqar Ahmad Khan

GFC is the baby of AL ZOHRA GROUP of PAKISTAN that is established in December, 2019. Being the youngest of five brothers and one sister, this company is assigned to me, I believe it is better to be late than never. In my youth. I always have demand to travel worldwide. This opportunity is a real gift which I will always treasure and will take care of.

GFC is here to CHANGE YOUR LEARNING STYLES. It is your open gate towards the beginning of your success and achievements.

GFC brings you to the world of unexpected because we see to it that your cases shall have reality. I, as the Managing Director of GFC is pleased to encounter every one of you who wishes that your goal in life shall be in a friendly relationship and not of business relationship.